All of the services we provide at Glasgow Boiler Repairs come with a guarantee, we offer various types of guarantees on different types of services but all of our workmanship has a 12-month warranty regardless of the service we have provided, we also provide a 12-month warranty on all parts or materials we have fitted.

Boiler Replacement or boiler installation
We will cover all workmanship relating to works we have carried out on this type of service during the installation, the boiler will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty ranging from 2-10 years depending on the make and model of appliance, in order to keep your warranty valid you will be required to have an annual boiler service carried out on your boiler if in the unfortunate case your boiler fails during the warranty period you can contact the manufacturer directly or we can contact them on your behalf.
Central heating power flush
Again with this we cover for 12 months on workmanship, with every power flush we offer a 4-year warranty on any sludge returning to the system and this will be upgraded to a 6-year warranty if a magnetic filter is installed on the pipework to your boiler, in order for the warranty to be valid your central heating system will have to be maintained by having an annual service carried out, also if work is done on the central heating system during the course of your warranty that involves the system being drained down then new inhibitor must be added to the system, if the terms and conditions above have been adhered to and you develop an issue with sludge in your system we will return and carry out a power flush on your heating system free of charge.
guarantees/warranties are not insurance backed

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