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New Boiler Glasgow & East Kilbride

Has your Boiler let you down again? Are you left without heating & hot water? Decided it's time to get a new boiler installed, so you have peace of mind that you won't be left in the cold this winter. With winter fast approaching there's no better time than now to think about having your New Boiler Installed.

Glasgow Boiler Repairs specialise in affordable Central Heating installation, Boiler Replacement, Electric Boiler Replacement & Boiler Installation in Glasgow & all of the surrounding areas. All of our Gas Safe Engineers have many years of experience and are fully insured to carry all types of work on Gas Boilers.

We can provide Boiler quotes on a range of Boiler Manufacturers with warranties ranging from 5-14 year depending on the make & model of boiler. All manufacturers Guarantees are subject to you having your new boiler serviced annually. Glasgow Boiler Repairs provide these at a fixed cost of £60.

All of our new Combi boilers come with a manufacturer warranty offering you peace of mind, a chemical flush of the Central Heating system, Free programmable room thermostat & a Landlord Gas Safety certificate if required. We can also include a central Heating Power Flush at a reduced cost if you have this carried out at the same time as the Boiler Installation.

Our prices are some of the most competitive for a new boiler in Glasgow with the Worcester Bosch Boiler supplied & installed in your home from only £1549, but we also offer the Ideal Logic 30 Boiler with a 5-year Guarantee from only £1249. Prices quoted based on a straight combi - combi Boiler Replacement. 

If you need a new boiler in Glasgow, East Kilbride or Bearsden, We can help! We provide a fixed price boiler quote and never ask for any upfront payments. Call today to arrange your free no-obligation quote on 0141 766 1511.

Emergency Boiler Replacement Glasgow & Cumbernauld

Glasgow Boiler Repairs specialise in Boiler Replacement & Boiler Installation in Glasgow & Cumbernauld. Our team of Heating Engineers are working hard to help keep your home warm & cosy during this worrisome time. If your boiler has suddenly died on you and beyond repair, we can provide you with a NEXT DAY boiler replacement to help keep you comfortable during this time and take the stress out of searching for a competitive price for your new boiler. Glasgow Boiler Repairs provide the most competitive rates when it comes to new boilers with our Worcester 30i starting from only £1549 fully supplied & fitted with a 5-year warranty or the Ideal Logic 30 with a 5-year warranty from the ridiculous price of £1249. If you need a new Boiler fitted urgently give us a call to arrange a free quote on 0141 766 1511. 

Boiler Replacement Glasgow, East Kilbride, Bearsden, Milngavie & many more areas from £1249

With winter just around the corner and temperatures dropping fast, it may be time to consider getting a new boiler replacement. Glasgow Boiler Repairs provide the most competitive boiler replacements in Glasgow and guarantee we won't be beaten on price. We offer a wide range of boiler replacement & Boiler Installation service covering many areas including Glasgow, East Kilbride, Bearsden, Milngavie & many more. Our Heating Engineers have many years of experience in the field and come highly rated for professionalism from start to finish on every job. Whether your searching for a top of the range boiler replacement or a new low-cost boiler we have a solution to suit your needs. Our boiler replacements start from a staggering price of £1249 for the Ideal Logic 30 fully supplied & fitted with a 5-year manufacturers warranty. Glasgow Boiler Repairs are Which Trusted Trader Endorsed along with Checkatrade and five **** rated on Google. If you are searching for a new boiler give us a call today on 0141 766 1511 to arrange your free quote.

Glasgow Boiler Repairs - Which?trusted traders

Glasgow Boiler Repairs are proud to announce we are now approved Which trusted traders ​why not check us out and read our reviews from many happy customers before you decide to use us for all your boiler repairs, boiler replacements & Landlord Gas safety certificates, we guarantee you won't be disappointed

Boiler replacement Glasgow

Heating engineers you can trust

Here at Glasgow boiler repairs we have an outstanding offer on the Worcester boiler replacement package, we are offering to replace your current boiler with a Worcester Greenstar 30i combi boiler for an amazing £1450, the price includes boiler installation, boiler, flue and programmable room thermostat, you will not find a cheaper price on a Worcester boiler replacement in Glasgow, British Gas charge in excess of £2500 for the installation of this boiler. We won't be beaten on price.

Central Heating Power Flush Glasgow 

After a hectic winter of power flushing central heating systems our power flush machine has thrown in the towel, Here at Glasgow Boiler Repairs we have had to invest in a bigger and better power flush machine the Norstrom Pro-Flush thermal unit, this machine is by far more superior to any other power flush machine on the market today and benefits from a built-in heater which is useful where the boiler is dead due to the sludge in the central heating system being that bad, the powerful pump in the power flush machine also reduces the amount of time spent on the flush and also increases the amount of sludge removed from the system, we are also excited to announce we are now a member of the power flush association, being a member of this association gives us a better edge on our competitors with better knowledge on power flushing and extra training.


Give us a call today and you can experience first hand how good the new equipment we have is, having a power flush on your heating system can save you on costly repairs if your system is badly sludged up or even worse a new boiler replacement if you leave your system untreated, with pricing starting at £250 it's not worth taking the chance

Boiler Installation Glasgow 

Glasgow Boiler Repairs carried out over 100 boiler replacements in Glasgow last year, this is by far our biggest achievement so far and we are off to a good start this year with more than 40 boiler installations complete so far, the bulk of the boiler installation we carry out are replacement combi boilers although we have replaced a good few system boilers as well, the greatest majority of the boilers we install are Glow-worm and Vokera boilers with a few Vaillant and Worcester Bosch boiler in there also, for me the Glow-worm boiler is the best value for money boiler out there just now offering a 5 year warranty and boiler replacements price coming in from as little as £1200, we have fitted over 60 Glow-worm boilers in Glasgow in the last year and never had an issue with one of them.


If you are having headaches with your boiler and looking for a quote to replace then why not give our Glasgow based office a call and we can provide you with a free quotation on any boiler manufacturer from budget boiler to top end we fit them all and will beat any quote you have received, with prices starting at £1100 for the budget boilers we are well worth a phone call.

Electric boiler installation Glasgow

Glasgow Boiler Repairs specialise in electric boiler installations and repairs as well as gas boilers, you may find it hard to find an engineer or plumbers who are comfortable working on electric boilers or have the knowledge required to fault find on them, electric boiler installations are rare in Glasgow and only certain developments have them installed, whatever the make or model of your electric boiler we will have experience in repairing it, the majority of these we find to be fitted in the city centre area of Glasgow and are familiar will these, we have access to many of the parts on these and if we don't hold the part we can order the part and have it next day at the latest, be rest assured that your boiler is in safe hands and the skills our team possess will make certain we identify the correct faulty part and provide you with a competitive price on replacing it. Should you require electric boiler installation please contact us today on 0141 766 1511.

Central heating Installers Glasgow

Here at Glasgow Boiler Repairs we have added a new recruit to our team, we have taken on a trainee central heating installer who is learning the trade, Andrew McQueen is a keen learner who is also attending the city of Glasgow college every second week for 3 days, most of the learning will be on site with our qualified Installer carrying out all types of central heating installations and boiler replacements, the 3 days at college will be spent learning the trade from manuals and lectures followed by assessments in the college, Andrew has some experience in the trade but has now decided to take it that step further and become a fully qualified Central heating installer, with high demand out there for gas engineers it has never been a better time to enter into this type of organisation, our qualified installers have a wealth of experience behind them which hopefully can be passed on to Andrew to become an exceptional engineer that will be an asset to our already strong workforce.

Gas Boiler Installation Glasgow

Now is the time to have Glasgow Boiler Repairs in to quote on your new gas boiler installation, with winter fast approaching and temperatures set to drop it may be time to cast aside the old troublesome boiler and have a new one installed, purchasing your new heating system or boiler can be a big outlay but you will reap the benefits in the remote future with lower gas bills and a better heating and hot water system in place, Glasgow Boiler Repairs have a boiler suited to your needs and budget and our friendly installers will make certain your installation is completed in a competent punctual manner, most older boiler run as low as 50 per cent efficiency, upgrading your boiler installation with a new one and you could be as close as 98 per cent efficiency with excellent hot water flow rates and quicker heat up times on radiators.

Contact us a call today to book in your free no-obligation boiler replacement quote, we cover all areas of Glasgow and surrounding areas with prices starting from £1150

Central heating installation Glasgow

Are you having trouble with your Central heating? If the answer is yes then Glasgow Boiler Repairs are here to help, We have a team of fully qualified gas safe registered engineers who have more than 20 years experience at boiler servicing, gas safety certificates, Boiler repairs, power flush and central heating installation.


have a price range that suits the needs of everyone with our boiler replacement starting from as little as £1100, we will not be beaten on price.


If you would like a free quote for central heating installation give us a call and we can arrange a day and time that suits you to have a chat about what type of boiler would be best suited for your property. 

Boiler Repairs Glasgow & Cumbernauld

Here at Glasgow boiler repairs we have had a busy month and have been inundated with emergency call-outs to boiler repairs all over Glasgow and Cumbernauld, a combination of two elements have been keeping us busy, the first one being the cold weather and more customers using there heating on full demand and the other one lack of servicing to there boiler, its is very important to have your gas boiler serviced annually as this will avoid a lot of needless repairs to your central heating system which would not have happened if your boiler was serviced if you have had a new boiler installed and your boiler is still under guarantee then the manufacturer could make your guarantee void if the boiler is not serviced as they state this should be done to keep in terms with your guarantee, we offer competitive pricing on all types of gas servicing from boilers to gas fires so give us a call to keep your boiler working through the winter months.

Boiler Repairs Glasgow

Here at Glasgow boiler repairs we have had a busy month and have been inundated with emergency call-outs to boiler repairs all over Glasgow, a combination of two elements have been keeping us busy, the first one being the cold weather and more customers using there heating on full demand and the other one lack of servicing to there boiler, its is very important to have your gas boiler serviced annually as this will avoid a lot of needless repairs to your central heating system which would not have happened if your boiler was serviced if you have had a new boiler installed and your boiler is still under guarantee then the manufacturer could make your guarantee void if the boiler is not serviced as they state this should be done to keep in terms with your guarantee, we offer competitive pricing on all types of gas servicing from boilers to gas fires so give us a call to keep your boiler working through the winter months.

landlord Gas Safety Certificate Glasgow

We at Glasgow Boiler Repairs have now updated our systems and can now provide landlord gas safety certificates direct to you by email, this process saves any lost paperwork and means you can easily check your emails or give us a call if you have lost your certificate, our gas heating engineers are now all equipped with handheld devices that can upload the details of your gas appliances on to a PDF formatted certificate, we can then send the Landlord gas safety certificates direct from the site, this is important also if you are a Glasgow landlord and are not available to get to the property, we have already started rolling out this system and the feedback we have had so far is very good, we will now be using this from now on unless a written copy is requested.

If you have any questions about how our system could work well for you or you are looking for a free quotation on a gas safety check then contact us today.

Emergency Plumbers Glasgow

It isn't always easy to find a good Emergency Plumber in Glasgow, with many being unreliable, too busy with the fast-approaching winter weather or simply just not experienced enough to get the job done in a fast professional manner, with Glasgow boiler repairs  that will never be the case we have a team of very highly experienced plumbers who guarantee a no fix no fee policy on all your boiler repairs and plumbing works  in Glasgow & surrounding areas if we can't repair the problem we won't charge you for the call-out charge, we will simply give you a free no-obligation quote our team of plumbers has over 20 years experience meaning they will be able to repair most issues on there first visit, if you have an issue with a burst pipe, blocked toilet, frozen pipes, or a boiler repair please don't hesitate in giving us a call and we will have one of our highly trained engineers with you within the hour 

Landlord Gas Safety certificate Glasgow

  1. Have you had a landlord gas safety certificate that has failed due to your flue being in a void?
If this is the case you will probably be wondering why has my heating engineer told me my appliance is now unsafe to use when it has passed every year before this, well gas safety legislation is updated constantly to make sure the public is safe, there is always a reason behind any update or change to the legislation, the reason behind this one was down to the house builders as the installations where rushed at every stage and although everything looked good at the time as the flues where concealed in either ceiling voids or boxed in, the problems would occur in months or even years to come when boilers started to fail or black marks where shown on the plasterboard, it was then that more and more heating engineers had found the flue had not been correctly installed or parts of the flue had come separated, this was highly dangerous as carbon monoxide would be getting pumped into the voids and entering the property or even neighbouring properties, there would never appear to be any cause for alarm during any service or landlord gas safety inspection on the boiler as the flue pipe was hidden, it was then after so many faults had come to light that Gas Safe had decided to change the regulations on how to deal with flues in voids, your boiler may well be safe if the flue is fitted in avoid but to be certain there is no way of knowing unless inspection hatches are fitted to visually inspect this.
Most of the newly built flats in the centre of Glasgow and Glasgow harbour are known to have an issue with the boiler flue ran in the void, if you have had a landlord gas safety certificate and this has been flagged up then you must get inspections hatches fitted as you are putting your tenant's life in danger, if you have not had any check carried out but are aware your flue is fitted in a void then we advise you to have the system checked by a suitably qualified heating engineer and any inspection hatches that are required to be fitted, there is also a requirement for any rooms that the flue may pass through to have a carbon monoxide detector fitted.
We have been fitting the inspection hatches for our Glasgow landlords and letting agents, since this legislation came in so we know where and where not the hatches can be installed, in 90% of the jobs we go to that, require this there is no need for any redecoration works after we have been and we are normally aware of where exactly to fit the hatches as more than likely we have fitted them in the same building before, we charge £50 for each hatch we fit and
 this can also be combined at the same time as your landlord gas safety check.
If you have any questions regarding this issue then please feel free to give us a call and we will talk you through the process.   

Boiler Replacement Glasgow

If you are thinking of installing a new gas combi boiler then Glasgow Boiler Repairs can offer you the best price on any boiler replacement, we are renowned for our competitive pricing and quality of workmanship and can provide you with total peace of mind that you are in safe hands, all of our heating engineers are up to speed on all gas safe legislation, we can have your old boiler out and your new one installed in one day meaning you are not without your hot water or heating overnight, choosing the correct type of boiler to install can be daunting but we will talk you through the process of choosing the correct one and ensure you are getting value for money and will be happy for years to come, it will be a cost at the start but you will reap the rewards over the years will your gas bills falling as condensing combi boilers are more efficient to run, in some cases up to 40% more efficient than your old one has ever been.
Boiler changes range from as little as £850, so give us a call today for your free quotation.

Boiler repairs Glasgow

It is vital that you opt for an experienced gas engineer as there are numerous contractors in Glasgow who employ gas engineers that do not have the required experience to deal with boiler repairs, locating a fault on boilers requires a huge amount of experience as not diagnosing your boiler fault correctly could leave you hundreds of pounds out of pocket on parts that are not required, Glasgow boiler repairs regularly attend boilers where previous gas engineers have misdiagnosed a fault and we have then stepped in sometimes where no parts have been required and had the boiler up and running within 10 minutes of being there.



The service we offer you is a simple no fix no fee and no call out charge, if we cannot repair your boiler we do not charge you, we can repair were others fail so if you have a boiler on the blink in need of a repair then call our Glasgow based office which is manned 24/7 or drop us an email with your boiler fault, make and model. If you are simply looking for a bit of advice to get your boiler working then don't hesitate to give us a call, we will talk you through the simple steps to see if we can get you up and running again at no cost to yourself. The cost we charge to repair your boiler is £60+ any parts if required!  there are no hidden costs.

Storage heater repairs Glasgow

Is your storage heater playing up, not giving enough heat or just not working at all?

Glasgow boiler repairs attend properties frequently to repair storage heater faults, there is one fault we keep coming across on a regular basis, the dreaded overheat thermostat, the overheat thermostats on these heaters to not need much persuasion to trip and time and time again we are called out to repair these and our engineers will simply reset the switch and the heater is back on again, the fault can be caused by a fault on the main thermostat not cutting off when it is has reached temperature but more often than not it is down to the homeowner or tenant, having items to close to the front of your heater can cost you unnecessary call-outs, manufacturers instructions on storage heaters will tell you to leave any items at least 1m away from the front of your heater, there should also be no clothes left to dry on the heater or radiator covers fitted over your heater.

If you know you have had an item in front of your storage heater or left clothing over grills and your heater has suddenly stopped working you will need a qualified engineer to reset your thermostat as the part itself is located inside the heater and could cause an electric shock if you are not competent on what you are doing.

You may simply need a bit of advice on how to operate your storage heater if you have not had electric heating before, give us a call and we can talk you through the process of heating up your home in the best way possible.

Give Glasgow Boiler Repairs a 
call today to get your storage heater running at full health again or if you have had enough with costly repairs and looking for an energy-efficient replacement then we can provide you with a free quotation.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Glasgow

We arrived to do a landlord gas safety certificate in a Glasgow property on Monday, the appliance we were carrying out a safety check on was a Baxi Bermuda back boiler unit, the first thing we noticed was staining on the wall around the appliance which suggests the appliance is not burning gas correctly and producing carbon monoxide, we stripped the gas appliance back and upon further investigation, we found the filter was blocked full of dust and dog hair, after speaking to the landlord we found out that there had been no service or valid landlord gas safety certificate carried out for the previous three years, the back boiler unit was given a full strip-down service and was then safe to use again, Glasgow boiler repairs come across issues like this on a weekly basis so this is why it's important you have a landlord gas safety inspection carried out or have a qualified gas engineer check your appliance annually. Glasgow boiler repairs provide landlord gas safety certificates from as little as £45.

Glasgow boiler repairs

Glasgow Boiler Repairs get called out to many types of boiler repairs but the one we come across the most is boiler's losing pressure or needing to be topped up regularly, there can be many factors cause this and is not always easy to identify where the issue lies, it could be down to a simple leak from radiator, pipework or on the boiler itself, if this is the case then it is a simple case of repairing the leak but if not then it can be down to a faulty pressure relief valve otherwise known as a PRV or your expansion vessel could need re-pressurised or replaced if burst, a tell take sign if your expansion vessel needs to be investigated is if you notice that your pressure gauge on your boiler rises to 3 bar or you notice water leaking from the pressure relief valve which is located outside normally under your boiler, another cause of your pressure rising could be the pipe going to your expansion vessel is blocked or your system has no bypass in place.


You can carry out the following checks before calling out an engineer, keep an eye on your gauge on your boiler if it holds its pressure when no heating is on then your fault will be with the boiler itself or system by-pass, a bypass on your central heating system is normally one radiator that is left without a thermostatic control ( TRV ) this is normally the hallway or bathroom radiator, there may also be one already on the system pipework but if your having issues with pressure rising on your boiler then remove one of the thermostatic valve heads, these can be taken off without needing to drain down your heating system or any escape of water, they can be taken off by hand and no tools are required, the reason a system bypass is required is if all your thermostats on your radiators reach temperature then they will stop the flow of water to that radiator but your boiler is still running and requires a circuit to go around thus having one radiator without one will provide a circuit when all other radiators reach temperature, if you have are still having issues after this and can see no signs of any leak then it is time to call a qualified gas engineer out who can deal with your boiler repair as it will be more than likely the issue is related to your boilerHow much will it cost if the issue is to do with the boiler ?
Most of the time the expansion vessel can be re-pressurised, if not and it needs to be replaced then prices can vary depending on the make of boiler from £60 to up to £180, If your pressure relief valve is faulty this will need replaced and can range from £20-£60 depending on the model, most times if you need your pressure relief valve changed then you would also have an issue with your expansion vessel, both should be looked at before just changing one item as they normally go hand in hand with each other.
Give Glasgow Boiler Repairs a call today for some free advice on your boiler repair or have us out for a look and we will provide you with a free quote for any works required.

Gas Safety Certificates Glasgow



Are you a Glasgow landlord and just received your landlord gas safety inspection, are you looking at the notes on the bottom of your certificate wondering what they mean?


We will talk you through the most common faults that appear on Gas Safety Certificates and what they mean, there are three different classifications.


The first is Not to Current Standards ( NCS ) this will generally mean that at the time your appliance or installation was installed then it was okay but as regulations have been updated over the years it has changed and your appliance no longer meets the criteria, in this case, your appliance can be left on with no further action being taken as long as it is safe, we always recommend it is brought up to standard but it may not be viable to do so, the following types of faults would fall under NCS, no electrical bonding at the meter, no FSD on hob or cooker, flue not sealed internally, if you have an NCS issue with an appliance that has just been installed then have the engineer re-attend to rectify faults as it should not have been left like this.


The second is At Risk (AR) which is more serious, this can be where one or more faults are present that may cause danger to life or property, this requires urgent attention and faults or repairs should be rectified to ensure gas appliance becomes safe to use again when the installation or appliance falls under this scenario the appliance will be labelled At-Risk and tenant or homeowner will be advised not to use, the following type of faults would fall into this category, boiler flue fitted in a void with no access hatches to inspect void, gas pipework located in cavity wall, pipework showing signs of corrosion or damage but passes tightness test, if your boiler has been given this classification on your landlord gas safety certificate then it must not be used and brought up to standard as soon as possible.


The last is Immediately Dangerous ( ID ) this is the most serious of them all and with your permission, your gas appliance will be disconnected from the gas supply and warning notice filled out, in this case, you will not have a choice to use or not to use and if permission is refused to disconnect gas appliance then the gas supplier can shut the gas off going into your property, the typical examples of this situation are, gas appliance spilling carbon monoxide or staining on the wall beside appliance, gas leak found on the appliance or pipework above an acceptable level, boiler flue blocked, if the issue is related to a gas escape then the Glasgow gas emergency number should be called to investigate further, after this it will require the works to be carried out to bring back up to standards and new landlord gas safety certificate issued.


If you have had any of the faults above listed on your gas safety certificate or know you have any of these faults then get in contact with us and we can advise you how to proceed, we deal with these type of faults on a day to day basis in Glasgow when dealing with gas safety checks for landlords and letting agents.

Boiler Replacement Glasgow

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