Boiler Service Glasgow from £70

We also offer Boiler Repairs, Landlord Gas Safety inspections & New Boilers in Glasgow from £1499.

Our Gas Safe registered engineers have many years of experience in all types of gas boiler Repairs & boiler replacement in Glasgow. We have a five-star rating for the professional, high standard of work we consistently provide. 

Boiler Repairs, Boiler Installation, Landlord Gas Safety Certificates and Boiler Services in Glasgow from a local,  trusted Boiler Company

Do you need a Boiler Service every year? 

Legally, no, but there are a few reasons why you should consider completing a boiler maintenance check each year. Homeowners often forget the importance of an Annual Boiler service when it seems to be functioning as it should. Still, a boiler service is essential to help keep the boiler working as it should throughout winter. A service will also detect dangerous situations and reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be deadly to your family.



What are the benefits of having a service each year? 

We highly recommend having a service maintenance check each year. Over time, boilers become less efficient. As a result, you may notice increased energy bills and frequent boiler breakdowns, which could leave you out of pocket for an expensive boiler repair that could have been prevented. Having a service improves the boiler's lifespan and is an excellent way to keep the boiler working efficiently through the winter months. During the service, we also complete vital safety checks on the boiler to ensure it's operating safely. 


Do I need a service check if I have a new boiler fitted? 

If you have a new boiler installed in your home, the Manufacturer will provide you with a guarantee covering all parts & labour should anything go wrong with the boiler, but the manufacturer will have specific requirements to keep the warranty valid, which always includes having the boiler serviced annually by a gas safe registered heating engineer. We can complete a boiler service for a fixed price of £70 and provide you with a service record.


Why Choose Glasgow Boiler Repairs? 

Our Heating Engineers have years of experience with Boiler Repairs, Boiler Replacement and Boiler Services in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. We work on all boiler brands, including Worcester, Ideal, Vokera & Glowworm, which means if there are any issues with the boiler during the annual check, we can usually get these repaired during the service and save you having the boiler closed off and having the wait for a quote to fix the boiler. Our work is completed to the highest standards, so you can rest assured you're in safe hands when you choose Glasgow Boiler Repairs. 


How Much Does It Cost For An Annual Service in Glasgow? 

The Price for boiler services in Glasgow can vary massively depending on who you choose to complete the job. We have a fixed price of £70 for our yearly boiler check, but some other companies charge up to £140 in Glasow. Additionally, Landlords are legally required to have a Gas Safety check each year to ensure that all gas appliances are safe to use. We can provide the annual Service & Landlord Gas Safety Certificate for a discounted cost of £100, saving you a massive £30. You should always check the Gas Safe Register before choosing an Engineer to complete the work. Checking the register ensures a gas-safe engineer is completing the work and is qualified to do the job.


What should I expect the engineer to do during the Service?

A boiler service will take around 1hr to complete. During the boiler service, our Heating Engineer will carry out various safety tests on the boiler. We will clean & test all of the components to reduce the risk of parts becoming clogged up with dirt & debris.




Some of the checks we do when completing the Service 

  • After all the safety checks are complete, we will complete the benchmark book service record.
  • Inspect the gas pipework
  • Check all boiler seals are safe
  • We will Clean the condensate to reduce the risk of blockages, which can lead to boiler failure and costly repairs.
  • Remove and clean the spark electrodes.
  • Check the flue is clear of any blockages and fully supported
  • Check the gas burn rate is working as it should
  • Check for any gas leaks


Glasgow Boiler Repairs has over 25 years of experience in all types of Central Heating Installation and repairs. Our other services include Boiler replacement, Boiler Installation, Gas Safety Checks, Central Heating system, Power flushes & combi Boiler Repairs in Glasgow. We work on all boilers, including Vokera, Ideal, Worcester & Glowwom.


We are proud to be one of Glasgow's most reliable Boiler Installation & Repair Companies. We pride ourselves on providing competitive pricing. When Glasgow Boiler Repairs gives a quote, your quoted Price will never change.


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