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Having a boiler service carried out annually is strongly recommended and if you have had a new boiler installed or had a boiler replacement carried out then the manufacturer will specify that the boiler must be serviced to keep inline with the warranty, failure to have your boiler serviced during your warranty period will invalidate your warranty and leave you out of pocket for a boiler repair that would otherwise be covered by the manufacturer, having your boiler serviced annually can also save you money on avoidable call outs as our heating engineers discover day to day, the majority of the boiler repairs we attend could have been avoided if the central heating system had been serviced annually, the fittings in most modern boilers are very small and are easily choked up with dirt or dust deposits and with the safety devices that are installed in modern boilers they are designed to shut down and often show an error code, we are also called out to jobs in Glasgow and Cumbernauld on a weekly basis with seized fans which would have been greased up had the boiler had a service, we would also advise any new home owners who have just moved into a new property to have a boiler service carried out as we often find boilers that have not been fitted as they should be and in some cases are dangerous.


Different makes and models of boilers require different checks and procedures to be done during a boiler service and some may require new seals to be fitted if for instance if the burner has to be removed, all of our heating engineers service boilers according to the manufacturer's instructions, we service many different makes of boilers on a daily basis including Glow-worm, Vaillant, Worcester Bosch, Vokera, Baxi, Potterton, Sabre, Sime, Ideal, Keston any many more, we have the correct up to date equipment to ensure the correct tests are carried out.


What to expect during a boiler service?


  • Visual inspection of boiler and flue termination including flue route
  • Working pressure of the boiler
  • Gas rate or appliance burner pressure
  • Cleaning of Flame sensing probe and spark electrode and ensure correct spark gap
  • Checking appliance safety devices are working correctly
  • Inspection of pipes and components for leakage
  • Flue gas analyser reading to ensure the boiler is working safely 
  • Removal of the burner and clean if required
  • Inspection of seals and combustion
  • Tightness test at the meter for any gas leaks 
  • Fill out service on benchmark if the manual is available
  • Service document of the report



If you require a boiler service or a central heating check give Glasgow Boiler Repairs a call, with fixed price servicing of just £59 you will not have any unexpected costs.

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