Storage Heater Repairs In Glasgow

Glasgow boiler repairs offer repairs to your electric storage heaters at a reasonable price. We have a team of suitably qualified engineers with a large selection of storage heater parts to ensure we have your heater up and running quickly. We have had experience in dealing with storage heaters for more than 15 years and can typically repair your heater on our first visit; the reason we have a high success rate on this is down to the large stock of parts we carry for these storage heaters including, elements, overheat thermostats, on/off switches.



The service we offer with storage heater repairs is a no-fix-no fee. If we can repair your heater on-site, the charge will be £65 plus any parts. If we cannot repair your heater on-site, we will give you a free quotation on any parts required. You will not be charged for call out; 80% of the heaters we go to can be repaired without needing any parts. We can repair most electric storage heaters in Glasgow, including Heat Store, Dimplex, Vent Axia, Creda, and many more. If we do not have parts available, we can generally get the same day from our local electrical merchants in Glasgow, Cumbernauld and Motherwell.

How does electric storage heating work?

During the daytime, no power is running to your heater, so your fused spur or switch mounted on the wall must be turned to the on position the day before. Your storage heater is designed to have power around 9-10 pm, depending on your electric tariff and area. Once there is power to the heater then, it will heat the elements inside your heater, which in turn heats the ceramic bricks inside. The power will stop going to your heater in the early morning hours, and the heat you get from your storage heater the next day will be from the bricks inside the heater that have stored the heat overnight. It is essential to turn down the output. If you do not, most of the heat will escape at night. Storage heaters are not as expensive to run as typical panel heaters as they only use electricity at night, which is cheaper than during the day.

If you have just moved into a property and are not used to storage heaters, then it is essential to check the following points before you call out someone to repair.

 1. Ensure that the fused spur or switch is in the on position the night before ( this is usually a wall-mounted switch fitted to the wall to either side of the heater, it is the same size as a light switch )

 2. Make sure the input on your heater is turned up to the desired temperature.

 3. Ensure the output is turned down and not left up full, or most of the heat will come out at night.


 4. If all this fails and you need storage heater repairs, give us a call on 0141 766 1511

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