Central Heating Power Flush Machine 

When carrying out a power flush, we want to get the job done quickly, but more importantly, we want to remove all the sludge from your system. We have just purchased a new power flush machine, the Norstrom Pro-Flush thermal power flushing machine, the best machine money can buy now.


We use this machine with the Magnacleanse Rapidflushpower flushing filter pack; the Norstrom Pro-Flush machine is the brains of the operation with the pump in this and does all the hard work while the two large magnets in the Magnacleanse pick up the sludge as it filters around the system, having the correct equipment to do the job is just as crucial at the engineer you choose to do the job as some power flushing machines do not have big enough pumps to cope with larger systems or more to the point remove the sludge from the system.


It is a minefield trying to find the right gas engineer to carry out your power flush, but you can be assured Glasgow Boiler Repairs have the qualified engineers and, by far, the best equipment.


We use a thermal imaging camera to check for any cold spots on your radiators and ensure we use the correct chemicals before the flush and after; we are confident the sludge will not return to your system. We offer a 3-year warranty, try a Google search on our equipment, and you will see that we only use the best.



Important factors to take into consideration when choosing a company to carry out your power flush


What equipment do they use? Is there Power Flush machine fit for purpose?


Are they part of the power flush association and Gas Safe?


What chemicals do they use, and are they fit for purpose?


Do they offer a certificate at the end of the power flush?


Do they take water readings to make sure the sludge has been removed? 

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