Do you Need A Legionella risk assessment in Glasgow?



Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia, and everyone is susceptible to infection. The risk increases with age, but some people may have a higher risk than others; this includes people who are already suffering from kidney disease, respiratory problems, heavy drinkers or smokers and lung or heart disease. Early symptoms include muscle aches, tiredness, headaches, dry cough and fever. Sometimes diarrhoea occurs, and confusion may develop. Legionnaires’ disease can cause long-term health problems. A combination of tests diagnoses Legionnaires’ disease. Tests may be done on your sputum (phlegm), or you may be asked to provide a urine sample, which checks for Legionella antigens (substances that cause your immune system to respond to the infection). You may also have a blood test to measure the number of antibodies in your blood.



What causes Legionnaires’ disease?


Legionnaires’ disease is caused by Legionella bacteria infecting your lungs. It's usually caught by breathing in tiny droplets of contaminated water. The infection isn't contagious and can't be spread directly from person to person. 


Legionella bacteria are usually found in water sources, such as ponds, rivers and lakes. However, the bacteria can rapidly multiply if they enter artificial water supply systems, such as air conditioning systems.


The two things that Legionella bacteria need to grow and reproduce are:

  • a water temperature of 20-45C (68-113F)
  • impurities in the water that the bacteria can use for food – such as rust, algae and limescale

Although rare, Legionnaires' disease has also come from contaminated showers, sprinkler systems and spas.


What Landlords Need to Know about Legionella Risk Assessments


The new legislation states that landlords must have a competent person undertake a risk assessment and identify if there are areas in which water could lie for long periods. Glasgow boiler repairs can now offer Legionella risk assessments, and we also make a special offer if you require a Landlord Gas safety certificate and Legionella risk assessment together. If you need more information on this, don't hesitate to contact us today, and one of our advisors will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 


How Much Is a Legionella Risk Assessment in Glasgow?


Glasgow Boiler Repairs provide Legionella Checks in Glasgow at a fixed price of £60. If you are a Landlord and Require an Annual Gas Safety Check in Glasgow, we can combine both at a reduced cost of £90. If you also require the Boiler Service, we can complete all three for a fixed price of £130

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