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At Glasgow Boiler Repairs we have been completing Power flushes in Glasgow with a high success rate of removing all of the sludge first time. We have invested in the best power flush maching money can buy.

What Causes Sludge In Your Central Heating System? 

Many factors can influence sludge in your central heating system; it can be caused by corrosion of your radiators and other parts of your heating system like pumps and motorised valves; the different metals in your system react with each other causing the brown sludge, also known as iron oxide, if you bleed your radiators and you see brown sludge then it is more than likely your system requires a power flush.

Having a build-up of sludge in your heating system can cause the failure of system components like your pump, motorised valves, radiators and your boiler. In worst cases, it can cause your boiler to shut down due to a complete blockage completely, or with a partial blockage, cause your boiler to only run for a short period; some components in your boiler are minimal and need to pass a specific volume of water through them when these become blocked or partially blocked the heat from the boiler is not allowed to flow around the system because of this the boiler thinks the boiler is up to temperature and will not produce any more heat until the hot water inside the boiler is cooler in temperature when your system has a nasty build-up of sludge it can cause pump failure and many unwanted boiler breakdowns.


Signs to look out for if you think you need a power flush on your central heating system

  • Cold spots on your radiators or only the top half of your radiator heating up
  • Boiler cutting on and off 
  • Constant callouts on boiler breakdowns
  • Pump noisy or consistent failure
  • Brown sludge coming from radiators when bleeding them
  • Strange knocking or banging noises from the boiler

What is involved in a Central Heating System power flush? 

  • The heating system is drained down from the drain point
  • The power flush machine is connected to your heating pipework
  • The central heating system is filled with water, and strong chemicals are added to the system to break down sludge
  • All radiators are shut down, with one radiator at a time being left open during the process
  • The boiler is fired up and left running.
  • The magnetic filter collects the sludge from the system which is magnetic.
  • The filter is cleaned out after every radiator
  • Once every radiator has been flushed, the whole system is drained down.
  • The system is re-filled with water, and an inhibitor added
  • The system is then tested to make sure it has the correct PH levels
  • Once complete, a certificate is then issued, which can be given to your insurance company if required


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Central Heating power flushing starts from as little as £500. We cover many areas, including Glasgow, Falkirk, Stirling, Airdrie, Cumbernauld, Bearsden & East Kilbride. Our Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineers team has over 20 years of experience in Boiler Replacement, Boiler Repairs & Central Heating Power Flushes.


Glasgow Boiler Repairs use the most reliable machine on the market with massive success rates the first time. If you need a Central Heating Power Flush, call us today on 0141 766 1511, and we can provide a free quote. 

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