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Glasgow boiler repairs provide reasonably priced Installation costs on all of our central heating installations, & Boiler Replacement Glasgow and Cumbernauld. We will rival any quotation given to you on any combi boiler or full central heating installation. No matter what the size of your property, we will find a system to meet your requirements. Ensuring you choose the correct boiler and radiators is crucial as it may not heat your home to the desired temperature or worse it could be oversized and cost you a fortune in gas bills. Due to the large variety of boilers in the market, you may find it a little daunting when deciding on the right system. Glasgow Boiler Repairs having many years of experience in central heating installations & our Heating Engineers know what boilers have the best guarantee for money and which ones provide the best value for money.



All of our central heating installers are Gas safe registered and have many years of experience installing full central heating systems. 

We have a team of highly experienced engineers in the boiler replacement field with two of them working previously with Vokera, Worcester & Ideal giving them bags of knowledge. Understanding your requirements can be intimidating for some contractors as there is more to central heating than meets the eye. Usually, if you are having a system boiler installed on your primary heating circuit, then you will require more than just a time clock or room thermostat. You will need a cylinder, thermostat, and motorised valves that will shut the flow of water to your heating and hot water circuits. Our Boiler installers carry out these types of installations daily along with boiler replacement & Boiler Installation, so they are not fearful of any



Your boiler is not the only important part of your central heating installation; the sizing of your radiators is a vital part of the way the home is heated. Various factors play a crucial role in this; for instance, the size of the room, are there any external walls in the room? Is the room insulated? The overall heat loss is a vital factor when deciding along with how much hot water the property needs. Again this will depend on many factors such as the number of bathrooms or en-suites in the house. How many people live in the home? What is the overall demand for hot water to ensure correct flow rates at all taps?


We provide all types of central heating services from Boiler service to Boiler installation. Free quotes are provided for all new boiler replacement and central heating installations, please see the services we carry out below.





We are aware that most of the time it comes down to cost when looking for a central heating installation which is why we have a range of boiler replacements to suit all budgets. Whether you are looking for the Ferrari of boilers, better known as the Worcester Bosch Boiler or the most cost-effective boiler replacement we can provide a price that suits your budget.  


We have accounts with all the leading central heating suppliers in Glasgow whom we meet up with regularly to ensure we are getting the best prices on our new boilers, radiators & fittings ensuring we can provide competitive pricing. We have specific deals set up with the merchants that allow us to offer extended boiler guarantees that other boiler installers in Glasgow can't offer.


Most of the time our installers will need to visit your property to give you an accurate quote on a boiler replacement or central heating installation, but we have provided a rough price guide below on the average cost.




Boiler replacement cost for replacing existing combi boiler, the cost includes supply and fit of the boiler.


  •  Alpha Intec 28x combi boiler (5-year warranty )  £1100
  •  Vokera Vision combi boiler  (5-year warranty )   £1200
  • Potterton Titanium 28HE   (7-year warranty )      £1420
  • Baxi Platinum 28he      (10-year warranty )    £1500
  • Worcester Greenstar 30I  (5-year warranty )   £1550
  • Ideal Logic 30 (5-year Warranty)           £1249
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