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Glasgow boiler repairs provide competitive pricing on all of our central heating installations and boiler Replacements in Glasgow, East Kilbride, Bearsden & Cumbernauld. We will rival any boiler quote on any combi boiler replacement in Glasgow or complete central heating installation by any reputable boiler Company.


No matter the size of your property, we will find a new boiler to meet your requirements. Choosing the right system for your property is crucial as it can result in your home not getting the proper heat if the new system is undersized. Due to the extensive range of boilers on the market, you may find it a little daunting when deciding on the right design for your property.


Glasgow Boiler Repairs has years of experience in central heating installations & our Heating Engineers can advise you accordingly on what boilers have the best guarantee and which ones provide you with the best value for money, making the process a little easier for you. All of our central heating installers are Gas safe registered and have many years of experience installing complete central heating systems.


We have a team of highly experienced Gas Safe engineers in the boiler replacement field, with two Engineers working previously for Worcester, Glow Worm & Ideal, so they have gained vast knowledge and experience with these boilers over the years.


Understanding your requirements can be intimidating for some boiler installers as there is more to central heating installation than meets the eye. If you have a system boiler installed on your primary heating circuit, you will require more than just a time clock or room thermostat. You will also need a cylinder, thermostat, and motorised valves to shut the water flow to your heating and hot water circuits.


Our Boiler installers carry out these types of boiler installations daily, along with gas boiler replacement & electric boiler replacement in Glasgow, so they are not fearful of boiler or central heating installation.


Your Boiler is not the only important part of your central heating installation, and many factors should be considered when choosing the correct boiler; the size of your radiators also plays a vital part in how the home is heated. Various factors play a crucial role in this; for instance, the size of the room, are there any external walls in the room? Is the room insulated? The overall heat loss is vital when deciding how much hot water the property needs.


Again, this will depend on many factors, such as the number of bathrooms or en-suites in the house. How many people live in the home? What is the overall demand for hot water to ensure correct flow rates at all taps?


We provide all types of central heating services, from Boiler servicing to Boiler Replacement and boiler Installation. We provide free, fixed-price quotes for new central heating installations, and all of our boilers come complete with a warranty ranging from 5-13 years, offering you peace of mind.


We understand that most of the time, it comes down to cost when looking for a central heating installation, so we have a range of boiler replacements to suit all budgets. Whether you are looking for the Ferrari of boilers, known as the Worcester Bosch Boiler or the most cost-effective boiler replacement, we can provide a price that suits your budget.  We provide Glasgow's most competitive boiler replacement pricing, with Boiler Replacement starting from only £1449 supplied & fitted. We also have support set up with the merchants that allow us to offer extended boiler guarantees that other boiler installers in Glasgow can't provide.



Please pick up the phone and call today on 0141 766 1511 for you're free fixed-price quote on our central heating installation or Boiler Replacement in Glasgow & East Kilbride.


We cover many areas, including Glasgow, Bearsden, East Kilbride, Milngavie, Cumbernauld, Falkirk & Stirling.

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